The Pig Preserve

A new model for the lifetime care of rescued pigs

The Pig Preserve is a “new way” of doing things the “old way”...A new approach to pigs at risk. 

Over the years, a number of pig sanctuaries and farm sanctuaries have sprung up across the US.  Some of these are large, prestigious operations.  Most are smaller, “mom and pop” pig rescues.  Many of them are 501(c)(3) non-profit organizations.  Some are private pig sanctuaries.

But all of them share several common characteristics: 

-They all rescue and provide lifetime care for various farm animals. 

-They all face the ongoing problem of too little land, too few dollars and too many desperate and needy farm animals.  

-They all need to find a way to help more farm animals in a less labor-intensive and a more cost-effective way.

The Pig Preserve is an innovative concept designed to provide a safe, natural, healthy life for rescued pigs of all breeds in a less labor intensive way and, hopefully, at a lower cost per pig per year than has traditionally been done.
So, please join us as we take a walk around The Pig Preserve, discuss The Pig Preserve and its concept, meet a few of the pig residents and see if we can’t answer a few of your questions.

Come...set a spell with us.   Prop your feet up on the porch rail.  Breathe the fresh mountain air.  Listen to the frogs down at the ponds croaking and the bees and cicadas humming. 

Watch across the pastures for the rabbits, wild turkeys and deer as they wander cautiously out of the woods get some of the corn the pigs have spilled. 

And watch the pigs as they move in small groups in and out of the woods looking for that one missed acorn under one of the oak trees, or grabbing a mouthful of green grass and clover on their way to their favorite pond, stream, spring or mud hole to get a cool drink and start their daily nap.  Observe how the pigs nuzzle and talk to one another or stop and wait on a companion who has lagged behind to root up a divot with his snout in the dark, damp, sweet smelling earth. 

Taste the sweet taste of freedom, smell the heady aroma of peace and listen to the melody of tranquility...and let it all wash over you.

If it’s hot, we have a fresh jug of sun tea and we'll gladly get you a cold glass.  If it is cold, we always have a pot of fresh coffee on and plenty of big, clean mugs.

Experience the magic of The Pig Preserve

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