The Preserve Pig:


Not all pigs are suited for life at The Preserve. The beauty and simplicity of The Preserve Concept calls for The Preserve to exist as part of a partnership and a network of more traditional sanctuaries, which are designed and equipped to handle those pigs for whom life at The Preserve would be a challenge instead of a gift.



The Preserve will accept virtually all breeds of pigs...from Vietnamese Potbellied pigs, other breeds of miniature pigs as well as the larger farm pigs, providing they meet certain physical criteria.

  General Criteria for Preserve Candidates:

-Ages 1-12...although other ages may be allowed within family groups on a case-by-case basis.

-Neutered or spayed

-In good overall physical condition: good sight, good hearing and good mobility.

-No known, pre-existing, chronic medical conditions which would affect the pig's ability to enjoy life at The Preserve.

-Previously blood tested for pseudorabies and brucellosis

-Micro chipped prior to arrival

-Vaccinated for basic pig diseases plus rabies and tetanus based on the recommendation of our veterinarian.

-Emotionally suited for life at The Preserve.


The most likely Preserve Candidates will be pigs coming from large rescues and/or abusive backgrounds who have not formed close human bonds. Many of these animals have survived months or years of neglect and abuse at the hands of humans and will be only too happy to live in an environment where humans play a very small role in their lives. They, more than other pigs, will benefit from what The Preserve will offer them. They have no need for belly rubs, bubble baths, hoof pedicures, specially designed ￿swine finery￿, or social outings with humans. What they crave, and what The Preserve can offer them, is 100 acres of freedom, the company of other pigs, a ready supply of nutritious food, ponds and streams to play in, shelter from the elements, safety from predators and minimal human contact.


In short...they will be able to be life on their own terms.


The quintessential ￿pet pig￿ who has been raised indoors and who has spent his/her life in the constant company of humans instead of other pigs is probably not a good Preserve Candidate. These pigs will do better in the more traditional sanctuary environment. And, without the need of having to cope with the large number of Preserve Pigs, the partnering sanctuaries will have more space, more resources and more time available to cater to the needs of these pigs.


It is a win/win situation for the pigs and for the sanctuaries.