Start-Up Needs

Long Range Goals


As with any new project of this magnitude, we find ourselves long on needs and short on the availability of many goods and services. Here is a list of things that The Preserve could use:


Fencing supplies: cattle panels, tee posts (6'), wooden fence posts, pressure treated 5/4 fence boards


Farm gates: 4, 6, 12, 14 and 16-foot stockade fence gates with hardware


Medical supplies: needles, syringes, commonly used medicines and antibiotics, etc....


Fruit and nut trees: apple trees, pear trees, persimmon trees, etc....


Berry plants and grape vines


Pasture grass seed: Fescue, clover and other edible grasses.


Vegetable seed: squash, cucumber, seed potatoes, sweet potatoes, cantaloupe, watermelon, pumpkin, beans, etc....


Building materials: 2x4, 4x4, 2x6, 2x8, 4x6, 6x6, hardware (screws, lag screws, carriage bolts), roofing material, T-111, exterior grade plywood (CDX 5/8´┐┐ or larger), bags of concrete, etc....


Diesel Fuel for tractors (off-road diesel, high sulfur diesel only)


Off-road fuel tank and pumping system


Electric fencing supplies: wire, solar powered chargers, insulators


Stock Trailer/Horse Trailer: a small, functional, all-weather trailer (preferably goose-neck configured)


A backhoe attachment for a tractor (3-point hitch, PTO driven)


Small flatbed/utility trailer (12-14 feet)


Air Compressor


An electrician's services: to run power to barns and shop


Electrical supplies: meter base, 200 amp breaker panels, heavy-gauge electrical wire


Bulldozer work


Long Range Goals:


We predict, depending on weather, funds and available labor, to complete fencing The Preserve property within two years.


We hope to build barns and pig shelters as we open up more Preserve land so that our pig population can grow at a steady, controlled rate.


There are large tracts of adjacent, pristine land available for expansion of The Preserve...possibly in partnership with one or more large, well-funded animal sanctuaries or rescue organizations.


We would, in the future, be willing to explore expanding The Preserve to include other rescued farm animals...but only at the point where the pig portion of the facility is fully operational and we can contemplate expanding the scope of our mission to include other species without denigrating our primary mission of caring for pigs.


We hope to be able to encourage and support the relocation of other interested and experienced pig rescue people to this area. As The Preserve grows and, possibly even expands, there will be a need for several ´┐┐satellite sanctuaries´┐┐ in the region. We also believe that with several pig rescue/care facilities located in the same general geographic area we can begin to take advantage of some bulk purchasing options; obtain better, less expensive veterinary care; and offer one another a degree of mutual aid and support.