We have received numerous inquiries expressing interest in The Preserve Concept. Experienced animal caregivers, veterinarians, animal welfare groups, animal rights groups and even some businesses have expressed an interest in The Preserve. And there have even been a few offers to assist us with goods and services free of charge.


We will continue to promote The Preserve and the preserve concept in as many venues as we can find. We will continue to elicit private support for this venture...funds, materials, feed, medical supplies and offers of we move towards building The Preserve as quickly and as professionally as we are able.


We will continue to solicit the expertise and assistance of experts in fields related to what The Preserve is about. This is an unconventional project and the input of numerous disciplines will be needed to find innovative solutions to unique problems. We have already been in contact with several regional Master Gardener Clubs for their expert advice and assistance in establishing the food plot system and the planting of additional indigenous fruit and nut trees for the animals.


We will continue to solicit the involvement of interns and long-term volunteers. The Preserve offers an opportunity to work with a very special population of animals in an innovative and challenging way in a pristine, beautiful and remote setting.


We will continue to view The Preserve as a means to offer lifetime care for large numbers of needy pigs, but also as a model...a pilot project, if you will...which, if successful, can be replicated in other areas of the country. Several sanctuaries have already asked us to assist them in establishing a similar model in their area once we have The Preserve functioning and have gained the experience offered by slugging our way through the ´┐┐learning curve´┐┐ here in Tennessee.