Ms. Piggly Wiggle



Miss Piggly Wiggle came to us in September from a small, private sanctuary in Virginia. We know little of her background other than she is a fairly young female with a history of aggression and biting. She had simply become too much for her caretakers to handle and, because of her history, was not considered a good candidate for adoption into a private home as a pet pig.



The Pig Preserve is an excellent option for pigs with histories such as Ms. Piggly Wiggle. With plenty of open space and a less intense environment, pigs who are unmanageable in a more traditional sanctuary environment frequently do very well here. We find that whether they are farm pigs or potbellies, The Preserve environment and the ability to live a freer and more laid back lifestyle truly suits many of these types of pigs. Since pigs are not aggressive creatures by nature, there is always “something” in a pig's background that accounts for their aggressive tendencies. Unfortunately, we seldom know the full background on many of these rescued pigs and, thus, the cause is frequently a mystery to us. But we have found that giving these pigs space, freedom and time…and sometimes a respite from constant human intervention in their lives…seems to work miracles.



With the warnings that preceded her arrival, we greeted Ms Piggly Wiggle's arrival with a bit of trepidation. Our fears were unfounded. Since her arrival, Ms Piggly Wiggle has been nothing but a total sweetheart. We have not seen a single aggressive trait in her. She enjoys the company of the other pigs, seems content to seek her own level of human companionship and has been my constant companion when I am out in the barn or working in her pasture. She enjoys belly rubs and frequent snacks. She is a very active pig…spending her days roaming her pasture and grazing. She does seem to enjoy the companionship of men more than women. We are pleased that whatever we are doing, it seems to be working for Ms. Piggly Wiggle. She is a welcome addition to our growing family.