Blossom is a local rescue. She was abandoned by her owners when they abandoned their run down trailer in a remote section of an adjoining county. Blossom was discovered by some neighbors who found her being tormented by some neighborhood dogs.


Blossom is blind because she is grossly overweight. She appears to be a very young pig…probably no more than 2-3 years old. Her previous owners apparently paid little attention to her and fed her a steady diet of dog food. She is very skittish around humans.



In truth, The Pig Preserve is not set up to handle pigs such as Blossom. She cannot be turned loose to enjoy the vast spaces of The Preserve. Nor can she safely interact with other pigs because of her weight and her blindness. We prefer not to take in pigs like Blossom. They can more properly be cared for in a more traditional sanctuary setting.


But, in Blossom's case, we were the only game in town. She either came to live with us or she would be destroyed by the local animal control. Luckily, we have a couple of other overweight and otherwise compromised pigs who we have “inherited” since our inception. We call them the Richard Simmons Herd since they are all on very strict diets along with some “forced exercise” programs.



So Blossom is now living in semi-isolation until she loses some of her weight and, hopefully, regains her vision along with some additional mobility. We let her out every day and she wanders and grazes. In the evenings we go find her and gently coax her back into her enclosure for her evening meal and a good night's sleep. She seldom strays too far from her barn, but the daily exercise is good for her. As we get her into a routine, she is becoming better at accepting human love and a human presence in her life. As with any blind animal, we have to be very careful not to sneak up on her…we announce our presence loudly in advance of touching her.



Pigs like Blossom truly touch our hearts. Their condition is none of their doing. And it is a shame for a pig as young as Blossom to be so morbidly obese and blind. We hope that, with time and love, she will lose her weight, regain her sight and become a “normal”, healthy and active little pig.